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About Minivansearch.com - Pictures, Quotes, Research & Reviews

Minivansearch.com was built with the intent to provide minivan shoppers with a viable - unbiased resource for information. Now more than ever before households all across America must learn to stretch every dollar of income.

By spending time to research your purchases evaluating cost, features and benefits of competing products, each family is better equipped to make the very important decision that goes along with such a large capital purchase.

Minivansearch.com has the goal of becoming a premier Automotive Research & Resource player in the $21 Billion automotive market with a focus on the minivan segment. We're doing this by bringing the diverse segments of the automotive industry together from across the world wide web.

Our Mission is to provide minivan buyers and sellers of all types a place on the Internet that they can call home. A place they can go to learn, interact and shop for the goods and services that are part of their community.

Our Philosophy is that content creates community and community creates commerce. So we have built MinivanSearch.com on the pillar of the three C's: Content, Community and Commerce.

Content: Our first focus is on content. Content that goes beyond just long lists of information. Content that is interactive. Content that brings people together. Content that provides a real service to the user. Content that matters.

Community: Creating community online starts by building from the grassroots level up, not from the corporate level down.

Commerce: Anytime you gather an online community together, the opportunity for e-Commerce exists. At MinivanSearch.com we're creating e-Commerce opportunities that are a natural fit for our community. We understand that commerce is a natural result of building community and not the other way around. Therefore, we've avoided the fate of other online companies who put commerce first, before building content and community, and have to spend millions of marketing dollars upfront to attract people to their site.

We are committed to providing a valuable, easy to follow minivan research and review site.

Please feel free to offer suggestions to our staff via email at: [email protected]

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Please note: This site is dedicated to providing viewers with the most up-to-date and current information available. Although we are very proactive in our information gathering, please be aware that we may not have 100% of the available information displayed.

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